Dr. Asha Rao mam, you are really God sent!- this thought that came to our mind when Lalita was operated for her hysterectomy and was brought to the recovery room on 4th April morning and you said ‘she is happy and I am very happy’. We thank all of you Doctors, other duty doctors, anaest and other duty staff who have made the surgery successful.

We could recollect our first appointment with you on 21st September 2011 when you apprised us about the surgery and kept us at ease with your soothing words of confidence. Thank God we have chosen the right hospital for the surgery. We felt like we were in our home.
We feel extremely happy to place on record our appreciation for the entire team right from reception, with specific mention of the following who are doing splendid job in your hospital though it is their duty.


We thank Asha Madam and the whole Rao hospital team who have given a great support and care for us. Doctor has always been patient-friendly to us and given us a meaning to our life. We are now blessed with two girl babies after a long struggle of 18 years of married life. May God bless Dr. Asha and her family with long life and great success


Thank you so much for all your help. You made huge difference in our life. We are so glad that we came here for the treatment. You and your team are doing so great and making so many people dream come true. The service in the hospital is so wonderful and we feel this facility as second home. We are going to miss you all. I wish good luck for all others who come here for treatment.

Santhosh and Rema

CONFIDENCE – that’s what we find here. That wanted positive energy. That made us strong. That brought success. Life began not only baby’s but our entire family’s. Even though the path was difficult, the positive vibrations has kept us going. Smiling faces that’s what we find everywhere in this place starting from top to each corner of this hospital we find LOVE here. Thanks Dr. Asha Rao and team for giving us a new life. Thanks to all who supported us from doctors, nurses, attenders and helpers. We LOVE all. God live here.


We never forget Rao Hospital and specially Dr. Asha Rao madam who is serving her best to this needy society. For the past five years we ran from pillar to post seeking a baby, a meaning for our life. At last God has shown us the right place and person. Madam has treated me very efficiently and within a month I got conceived and now I became a MOTHER of two beautiful daughters. Her service to this human society is wonderful and great. There are no words to express our gratitude to Madam and her family. Madam Asha has made not only her team of doctors also each and every staff member at all levels in this hospital are working very systematically leading to success stories of many childless people. From the core of our heart I wish Madam and her family to continue their service in their generation and generations and bring happiness to each and every family.

Manimala Santhana Mariappan

Thanks for the very good treatment. The team of doctors, nurses and all the staff are excellent. Thank you very much.


Thanks for the wonderful treatment given to me. So I got a beautiful baby boy and we are happy about having such a baby and once again thanks to the doctors, nurses and entire team of the hospital. Specially we are thanks to the child doctor who treated my son. I wish him all the best and live long life to continue his service The total performance of the hospital is outstanding