Operative laparoscopy offers a safe treatment method for many abdominal disorders simultaneously as the diagnosis is made. Operative laparoscopy requires the use of supplementary instruments such as probes, grasping instruments, scissors, biopsy forceps, laser or electrosurgical instruments and suture materials are inserted through two or three additional incisions. Though lasers provide a great deal of help in certain operations they are an expensive option and may not necessarily be a superior or more efficient option compared to other surgical techniques used. The choice of instruments and techniques are largely dependent on factors such as physicians experience, nature and site of the problem, and equipment availability.

Operative laparoscopy can be used in the removal of scar tissue (adhesions) from around the ovaries and fallopian tubes, removing ovarian cysts, opening blocked tubes and treatment of ectopic pregnancy. Ablation or removal of endometriosis from the ovaries, peritoneum or outer surface of the uterus is done. Also helps in the removal of fibroids present on the uterus, under certain circumstances. Diseased ovaries can be removed using this procedure as a part of hysterectomy.