• The Healthy Vagina, a passageway between the inner reproductive organs and outside of the body has an acidic pH that prevents infections. Normally-occurring bacteria of the vagina are responsible for creating this acidic environment. Similar to the functions of saliva in cleansing and regulating the environment of the mouth, the secretions of a healthy vagina known as normal vaginal discharge cleanse and regulate it. Any disruption in the balance of vaginal secretions sets up an environment that is favorable for development of infections.
  • Normal Vaginal Discharge Some vaginal discharge is found in all women and may appear cloudy white, clear and/ or yellowish when dry. At times it could also be thin and stringy or may contain white flecks. There could be changes in the normal discharge mainly due to emotional stress, menstrual cycle, nutritional status, medications, pregnancy or sexual arousal.
  • Effects of the Menstrual Cycle Menstrual periods also has its effects on the vaginal environment such as clear discharge or increased wetness during mid-cycle. During the cycle, the pH balance of the vagina may vary and is least acidic during or just before menstruation. As such this is the time in which the vagina is more prone to infections.
  • Signs of Abnormal Discharge- Vaginal infections are experienced by most women at some time or the other in their lifetime and are very common. Change in the amount or colour of discharge could indicate a vaginal infection. Some of the symptoms of a vaginal infection are:
    • Itching, soreness or rashness along with discharge.
    • Continuous, increased discharge.
    • Burning on skin during urination
    • Clumpy, white discharge
    • Discharge that is Grey/white or yellow/green in colour and has a foul odour.

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