One of the most important factors that decide a couple’s chances of having a successful pregnancy is a woman’s age. Between the ages of 20 and 30 years woman’s fertility is at its peak and then it starts declining. Above 35 fertility begins to drop drastically and by 40 the chances of conception each month are very low.

Age Range Pregnancy Rate (within 12 months of trying)
20-24 86 %
25-29 78 %
30-34 63 %
35-39 52 %

Infertility Definition based on age:

Below 35: Having regular intercourse without use of any birth control for one year not resulting in pregnancy;
Age 35 and older: regular intercourse without birth control for six months not resulting in pregnancy.
Birth control pills, condoms, diaphragm or the rhythm method are all modes of birth control. However it should be noted that Infertility differs from Sterility where in you cannot get pregnant and the problem cannot be corrected.

Infertility Evaluation Decision

The decision to get yourself evaluated largely depends on your age. If you are below 35 years old, it is advisable to try for a year before going for an evaluation. However the chances of getting pregnant decrease with increase in the woman’s age and as such an earlier evaluation is suggested. A woman’s age is the decisive factor to go in for an evaluation.

Age of Woman When to seek an Evaluation
Below 35 years After one year of trying
35-40 years old After six months of trying
Over 40 years old Begin evaluation immediately, while trying to become pregnant