Post delivery, our dedicated nurses would stay with you to ensure you and the newborn are healthy before moving back to give enough time for your family to get to know the latest arrival. They help you with nursing your baby and answer all your queries as you prepare to take your newborn home.

Throughout the labor, our dedicated team of experts would always be by your side to provide you with support, encouragement and the right guidance. You can also choose to give birth in the same suites you have been for prenatal care so that you feel comfortable in a familiar environment.

Newborn exam

Early newborn care is our specialty and our nurses are well trained in it. Post delivery our trained and experienced neonatologist performs a head-to-toe physical assessment to ensure that the baby is nursing well. They also provide information on the few things that you need to be aware of in the initial days of your baby’s life.

Going home

In order to help you rest and recover soon we make sure that families can get home as soon as possible. We keep in touch to ensure that everything is alright and you and the baby are happy and healthy. We are always at your service and make ourselves available for any queries regarding nursing, newborn care, recovery, family bonding or any new experiences that you may have as a parent.

At Rao Hospital, we aim to provide patients the best care possible in an affordable manner. Make an appointment right away if you want to understand more about your condition and how to treat it. If you are searching for the best postpartum recovery, and postnatal care in Coimbatore, India, Contact Us.