Pregnancy and the initial stages of parenting can prove to be overwhelming, stressful and exciting all at the same time. In order to make you comfortable and provide you with a strong foundation for childbirth and parenting we offer an array of parenting workshops, classes and one to one counseling sessions. These sessions are interactive and intimate allowing you to interact with other expectant parents.

Taking Care of Mom Exercise, Nutrition & Massage

In most cases, we find that on becoming pregnant, the entire attention of the family is shifted towards the baby. But we understand that it is important for the moms to be to take care of themselves. At Rao Hospital, we help the moms and future moms to nurture themselves through a range of classes and therapies.

We teach simple and effective Yoga exercises that strengthen your body and relaxes your muscles. We also provide you with massage and instructions for the same to help you ease pains and aches and relax your body.

Our nutritionist and dieticians help you to choose the best diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding such that you and your baby can make the most of your diet.