ICSI manipulator

Rao Hopsital is equipped with a state-of-the-art ICSI manipulator (Eppendorf, Germany). This is a delicate instrument that can hold a single egg which is fertilized by injecting a single sperm by our skilled embryologists. With the size of the egg being approximately one-tenth of a millimeter and that of the sperm one-hundredth of the size of the egg emphasizes the importance ofa skilled embryologist and the use of state of the art instruments.


After fertilization, the embryo is stored in a specialized machine known as the Incubator. The internal environment of the incubator is optimally controlled for the development of the embryo until it is ready to be placed in the uterus. We are equipped with the best incubators currently available, that includes a triple gas incubator (K systems) and a carbondioxide incubator (Hera Cell, Germany.

Computerized Semen Analyser

Our computerized semen analyser helps determine the shape, concentration, and motility of sperms in a semen specimen as shown in the photograph.

Laminar air flow

In places where the IVF/ICSI procedures are carried out, the working environment should be ultraclean to minimize chances of contamination. To achieve this we are equipped with Laminar airflow work environment that cycles the purified air continuously across the place.

Facilities in our hospital

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