You might be trying to have a baby for a long time with no success. This may make you feel dejected, search for options, track ovulation, and/or do everything in the baby-making book for positive results. Once you’ve accepted that it is time to seek more help or answers after waiting each month and not getting a “positive outcome.” We, at Rao Hospital, will guide you to what comes next.

If you have not been able to achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of unprotected sexual intercourse, we strongly advise you to fix an appointment right away with an fertility specialist or gynaecologist. Be prepared to undergo various tests and evaluations to determine what might be interfering with your efforts to get pregnant.

Often there may be times when your first fertility clinical consultation will come after months or maybe years of frustration, fear, guilt or confusion. Preparing for your 1st fertility appointment can be overwhelming and intimidating, and the best thing to calm your nerves is to go fully prepared. This is a big decision and deserves thoughtful consideration.

Here is an overview of things that will be useful for you to know before you see a fertility expert and get the best out of all your consultations.

1)    Make sure you attend the appointment with your spouse and do not go alone. Chances are, you may feel emotional/overwhelmed at some point of time during the appointment where you may need support.

2)    Make sure you share your entire medical history with the doctor like details about your attempts at getting pregnant, menstruation cycle, past pregnancy losses, STD’s, frequency of intercourse etc.

3)    One important thing you must do before you schedule an appointment is to ask your family about any prior history of trouble conceiving before the appointment as this information can come handy.

4)    Make a list of all medication and supplements that you are taking. Be honest with the doctor regarding your lifestyle like diet, exercise, caffeine habits, drinking, smoking, drugs etc.

5)    If you don’t have a menstruation cycle tracking app, better get one and start using it. It will be an easy way to pull out the stats for the doctor too.

6)    Bring a notepad. You may want to take notes so you don’t forget the information share on your initial consultation.

7)    Have questions ready for your doctor. This is your time. You are here to ask the doctor what is bothering you for a long time. Think about the things you want to ask your doctor and come prepared with the questions.

8)    Don’t be afraid to show your emotion. Everyone knows that and the doctor knows that too. You are not here to be judged. Sometimes you just need to let go with a clear mind and move on. Do not fret! The doctor is here to help.

9)    Ask your doctor for the success statistics. You may want to know the best shot at winning. Do make sure to choose an all-star player like Rao hospital.

10)  Discuss your financial options for the course of your infertility treatment with the cost-counselling team at Rao Hospital. We have affordable EMI payment options.

11)   At this first consultation, your doctor will require you to undergo various investigations. These tests will enable your doctor to help diagnose your fertility issues, establish a baseline for future tests, and to screen out any problems that could interfere with your fertility treatments.

12)   Discuss with the patient-counsellor about the various fertility treatments terms such as IUI, IVF and ICSI, etc.

The main goal of this first appointment is to build a road map of your fertility journey: where you’ve come from and where you are headed. During your consultation at Rao Hospital, you will meet with our experienced Doctor and patient-counsellor for an in-depth evaluation of your medical history. Once the team has a strong understanding of your case, they will outline the diagnostic and treatment plans.

Rao Hospital with its most advanced treatments and complete women care has been named one of the best hospitals in this region for Fertility and Gynecological services. Furthermore, our team of certified doctors & nurses are guaranteed to provide you with the best in clinical care during your pregnancy planning, birthing, and beyond. Since 1985, the hospital has assisted more than 35,000 childless couples to have children by laying greater focus on Infertility and Laparoscopy. Rao Hospital is also a pioneer in the field of Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries. We ensure safe and ethical practice, and assure you with best results. If you are suffering from infertility, schedule an appointment with our expert infertility Doctors today! (https://raohospital.com/)

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