Why do periods extend long? What may be probable reasons?

Bleeding out of the vagina every month is already painful and if the period lasts a little longer, it may get infuriating at times. In a perfect world, when your period can come knocking at the same time each month, it may last a few days or extend for a whole week and we are sure it may be nerve-racking when it simply refuses to go away.

How long does a period generally last?

There is a range when it comes to period length. Usually, it may last anywhere between 5 to 7 days. There are times at which it can be a few days longer or shorter too. Here is a little update, during each cycle, your body’s hormones tend to thicken the lining of the uterus to make a home for a potentially fertilized egg. Midway through your cycle, one of your ovaries releases an egg which then travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus; if not fertilized by the sperm it may flow out of the body along with the shedding uterine lining that is built up. Through the process is the same for every woman, the length of the period may differ based on specific hormone shifts affecting endometrium development. If your periods are a day or two shorter or longer than your usual period length and you do not notice any symptoms or issues that seem unusual for you such as extreme menstrual pain or very heavy bleeding, it is probably not a reason to be concerned about.

When must you call a doctor about long periods?

If your period lasts for 10 days or longer and you notice it significantly in length for 3 or more cycles in a row, then it is time you schedule a consultation with the best gynecologists in Coimbatore. This does not necessarily mean you are dealing with something serious, but you may want to get to the root of the problem sooner rather than later. This is because if you are bleeding for 7 days or more, you are at an increased risk of menorrhagia.

Menorrhagia is when bleeding is severe and interferes with your quality of life or may require interventions such as blood transfusions, medications or surgical procedures. Menorrhagia can lead to other issues such as anemia but there is no need to panic. Most causes of prolonged bleeding are no big deal and can be fixed or improved with the help of the doctor.

  1. You may have an IUD: One of the most common causes for long periods are intrauterine devices or IUDs which is a type of birth control that is placed directly in the cervix.
  2. You may be ovulating: Sometimes hormonal signals may get crossed and you may bleed when you release the egg too.
  3. Period Symptoms but no period: This occurrence which is also called as inter-menstrual bleeding happens when there is a slight dip in estrogen levels that happens during ovulation. There is nothing to worry about and only if you are in serious pain, you need to see the doctor.
  4. You may be pregnant: What! Isn’t the sign of pregnancy no periods? Yes, but now all the time. A common cause for abnormal periods may include longer bleeding in pregnancy. Any time a woman experiences unusual bleeding, it is best to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy with a blood test for reassurance.
  5. You had an early miscarriage: Miscarriages are much more common than you may realize. More than half of pregnancies usually lead to a miscarriage and often before you even realize that you are pregnant. Your cycle may return to normal in one or two cycles and if it stays abnormally long after 3 cycles, then call your doctor. 1 in 100 women suffers repeat miscarriages so it is important to rule out a condition like endometriosis.

Make sure you talk to your doctor or best gynecologist in Coimbatore if it runs in your family or if you’re showing other signs of menopause, like a low sex drive or insomnia.

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