Mother’s day is certainly going to be memorable and unique this year. Some mothers may find themselves miles away from their children, and some may miss family get-togethers and spending quality time with children. However, here we are to help you turn your day into the happiest day of your quarantine during these COVID-19 times. It is the best time to pamper yourself in the best way possible. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t do, let’s focus on things you’ll love doing. Here are some experts’ tips for you to make your day amazing. 

Set up a home movie theater:

Are you missing last year’s mother’s day when you went out to watch your favorite movie? Don’t worry, the city is in lockdown, but your creativity is open. Create your own home theatre today with your TV and some popcorn. Try to fix some decorative lights in your theatre to give you the perfect setting. Make a list of happy movies and get set go.

Pick up new Makeup skills:

Remember the days when you were always in a rush to reach your office timely. You were always on your toes and left with no time to advance your makeup skills. Hey mommies, it’s time to learn how to draw a smooth and even eyeliner with a single stroke or to try some messy hair buns. Get some makeup tutorials and turn yourself into a diva to celebrate your big day.

Be a virtual social butterfly:

Who says that you can’t connect with your children or your loved ones during quarantine? Use your time to connect virtually with your old friends, relatives, and people whom you love. You can plan an online family reunion. It will be fantastic to have everyone on your special day. Just plan an online family get-together the way you want.

Picnic in your backyard:

How long haven’t you planned a picnic with your family? Let’s plan it now on mother’s day. Seek help from all the members of your family in cooking and making arrangements. Cook your favourite recipes and arrange some mats, board games, and music to have a perfect family picnic at home.

Take a virtual dance class:

If you have always been yearning for dance classes, now is the time to tap with joy. Take a virtual dance class of your choice and swing your body. You can even take a virtual cardio dance class, or go for a yoga or pilates class. Dance brings joy and relieves stress and anxiety.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

A spa day is something we all crave for. Have you thought about an at-home spa day? This mother’s day pamper yourself with a relaxing bathing experience. All you need are essential oils, aromatherapeutic candles, a good book, and a cup of coffee/tea or a chilled lemonade. So, are you ready to take the long, luxurious bath of your dreams?

Get an interior design online consultation:

Giving your house a makeover can be a great activity. Creative mothers who always wanted to learn how to give a fabulous makeover to their homes or rooms can opt for online consultation of interior design and change their living spaces. Give it a try and celebrate your day in a different decorative environment. It will give you a special feeling of creativity and accomplishment.

Expand your library:

Are you a bookworm? If yes, then gift yourself quality reading time when no one can disturb you. Try out some online reading stuff too. You will get an endless number of books to expand your reading list.


The calmness of mind is the beautiful jewels of your soul. Meditation is the ultimate weapon to fight against challenges. It relieves stress and anxiety. Meditate and quiet your mind for some time from all the worries. You will experience an abundance of happiness in your heart.

 The word quarantine brings a long list of things you are not allowed to do. But, this quarantine time is full of great opportunities too. Rather than sitting around worrying about loneliness and coronavirus spread, use your time in pampering yourself by learning new skills, reconnecting with what makes you happy. We hope these ideas will help you with your day. We wish all the wonderful and amazing women a delightful and memorable Mother’s Day! 

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