In India, if you go to the hospital regularly for a health checkup it is usually frowned upon. As majority of Indians believe you should only visit a doctor when the problem is too severe, or there is some accident/ incident which needs immediate treatment. Some of the reasons behind this are:

  1.  People think it’s a waste of money
  2.  People think it’s a waste of time
  3.  Fear of the diagnosis result
  4.  Negligence 

While there are so many other reasons behind the low percentage of people willing to get general health check-ups, a recent survey reveals how men are less likely to seek healthcare than women. We know women face various types of health issues. But this doesn’t mean men are prone to lesser health problems. In fact, according to research, men die almost five years earlier than women! One of the main reasons behind this is that men mostly avoid seeing or consulting a doctor. Along with the above-stated reasons, one common reason to neglect their health is – their busy work schedule. 

Goal Of The Month

The month of June is celebrated as ‘Men’s Health Month’, aimed to raise awareness of preventable health problems and bring awareness to men’s health issues. 

Let’s have a look at some of the facts of men and their health. 

Men Don’t Visit The Doctor As Often As Women 

Our culture and society are built in a way that fosters men to be strong and to not show any sign of weakness. This is one of the main factors behind the mindset of men to avoid going to the doctor. According to research, the majority of men never go for routine health checkups fearing their health might become a barrier in their career; and the fear of results not in their favor. Men tend to seek doctors only when they face a severe health issue or crisis.

To all those men who have this mindset, we only want to tell one important point; and that is: ignoring your health and health-related issues will never make them go away! There is nothing wrong with seeking help. You and your health should be your topmost priority.  

Mental Health 

Men struggle with mental health issues, and the stigma surrounding it more than we think. According to men, expressing emotions and feelings makes them feel vulnerable and insecure about themselves. This is one of the main reasons why they hesitate to seek proper care, which gradually worsens the issue.

It might be scary to share or express your feeling, but the result you will reap through the benefits of seeking help is tremendous. Study shows men who express their emotions and feelings often are less likely to express themselves in a violent manner. 

Let’s start encouraging each and every man in our life to be open about their feelings and expressions. Even if it seems complicated, keep trying as this will certainly have an impact on their mental health. Help those who suffer from anxiety and depression issues and who need medical help. 

Male Infertility

Infertility is on the rise. While many assume that fertility issues are mainly related to women. Men contribute to fertility issues as well. A few male factor infertility causes include erectile dysfunction, problems with the sperm, blocked tubes, etc. There is a lot of stigmas involved around Male infertility, often masculinity, and being a man is about someone who is virile and sexually active. This notion then challenges men to reach out for help as they see it as a weakness and chose to blame and resent their partner instead of seeking help themselves. Break-free from the stigma, seek the right doctor who can counsel you, and provide you with the right treatment and you will surely fulfill your dreams of fatherhood.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle 

Last but not the least, always try to follow a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately to improve your health, your lifestyle should also be healthy with good habits. Cut down on smoking and drinking. Eat more greens and home-cooked foods. Temporary solutions like pills can cure the pain for the time being but not the disease. They will subside only to show up later. Not all of us are doctors; there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Don’t feel embarrassed or discouraged and get yourselves checked.

This World Men’s Health Awareness Month, let’s motivate the men in our life towards better health.

Because being fit and strong is fine, but being healthy is everything.

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