Parenthood is one of the most beautiful phases of everyone’s life. Showering love towards our newborn is something that we all wish to do day in, day out. Newborns have to be handled with love, care, and proper guidance. As delicate as they are at the time of birth, complications may arise if proper care isn’t taken.

After the birth of the newborn, the baby is taken by nurse, and thoroughly cleaned before keeping it back in the cradle. In case of premature birth, the baby is kept in an Intensive Care Unit for some days before giving it to the parents.

The parents are given proper step-to-step guidelines and tips to handle the newborn with utmost care.

This article will guide every mother through the first few months of motherhood.

  • Feeding Tips: Feeding your baby on time is a must. It is essential to feed a newborn after every 2 to 3 hours. The infant has to be fed only breast milk for the first 6 months of their life, as breast milk contains essential nutrients and antibodies vital for the baby’s survival and proper growth. Feed the baby for at least 10 minutes. Ensure that your breast is near the baby’s lips until she latches onto it and starts sucking. If the baby has been held correctly, the mother will not experience pain in the nipples.If breast milk isn’t possible, opt for a doctor-recommended formula.
  • Holding Your Newborn: It is important to hold your baby the correct way. The ideal way to hold your baby is by supporting your baby’s head and neck with one hand while holding her with another as the neck muscle isn’t strong enough to hold the head individually. The neck becomes capable of holding the head by itself only after 3 months.So utmost care has to be taken while holding the baby’s neck and head.
  • Diapering: Regularly changing the diapers of your baby is essential when it comes to taking care of the newborn after delivery. If the baby is getting sufficient milk, besides regular bowel movement, the baby will need 6 to 8 diapers per day. Frequently changing the diapers when the baby feels full is a must.Changing a diaper has to be done with utmost patience and care. Keep a changing sheet, baby  powder, wet wipes, and new diapers.
  • Bathing Tips: Bathing a newborn is a task that needs to be done with utmost care and delicately. The bath is given 2-6 hours after the birth of a newborn weighing more than 2500 g. If the newborn’s weight is low, bathing should be done after the cord falls off. Bathing the baby just before sleep time helps the baby have a sound sleep. Keep an infant bathtub, lukewarm water, baby soap, soft towel, baby cream, and new clothes handy while giving a bath to the baby. Take help from someone to hold the baby’s neck and head, so that the other one can give a bath to the baby. Wash your baby’s body with lukewarm water.
  • Handling The Baby: Your baby has to be held carefully. Don’t shake your baby as their internal organs are still developing and may damage due to constant shaking. Avoid throwing the baby on air, this may prove to be dangerous. Ensure to sanitize your hands before you hold the baby.
  • Sleeping Tips: Every newborn needs to sleep at least 16 hours a day for the first 2 months. Usually, a baby takes a nap for 2 to 4 hours and wakes up only when they are wet or hungry. A baby needs to be fed every 3 hours, you can wake them up to feed them.
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