- Dr. S. R. Rao
- Chief Surgeon – General & Laparoscopy
- Senior consultant – General Surgery and Laparoscopy, Male Infertility

Dr. S. R. Rao, after his post graduation in surgery, took over the mantle of Rao Hospital in 1975, which is a six decade institution at present. He completed his training at Brussels and Germany in Laparoscopy. Dr. S.R.Rao is one of the Pioneers in Laparoscopic Surgery in Tamil Nadu and the first Laparoscopy was done at Rao Hospital in the year 1977. He has performed over 8000 Laparoscopic Surgeries & 2500 Hysteroscopic Surgeries.

Along with his wife, Dr.Asha Rao, he started the Fertility clinic and Microsurgery in the year 1985 at Rao Hospital and is a senior specialist of Male Infertility at CARE (Centre for Assisted Reproduction and Endoscopy).

Dr.S.R.Rao is a member of the Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopy, Association of surgeon society of India, and Confederation of Indian Industry.

Dr.S.R.RAO states that “Medical practice has come a long way and is today sometimes felt to be impersonal and machine oriented. We at Rao Hospital have striven to deliver both personalized care along with modern technology. Rather than giving ad hoc treatment we firmly believe in evidence based medicine.

We have today strengthened our core efficiencies i.e. ART, Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgeries, General Gynecology and Obstetrics along with Neonatology and Paediatrics. We feel it is preferable not to dilute our services to encompass areas outside our expertise.

Our CARE team has been together for more than a quarter of a Century and each knows others thought processes thus leading to smooth recovery of the patient.


  • MBBS at Kasturba Medical College
  • MD (ObGyn) at Kasturba Medical College

Field of expertise:

  • Advanced Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgeries
  • Male Infertility